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Digital Business

Set free the power of a truly connected business with our HD Digital Business Plans. Our HD Digital Business solutions integrate multiple devices and technologies to create a single, logical phone solution for your entire business, regardless of the geographical locations.Unleash The Power…

Digital Residential

With our range of Residential HD Digital products, there shouldn’t be any reason not to call your friends/family interstate and overseas! Beyontel HD Digital Residential Solutions are specifically designed with residential customers in mind. Read more…

Call Centre Solutions

Beyontel offers feature-rich and easy to manage call centre solutions. Let us show you how to operate your call centre operations seamlessly across multiple sites. Using Beyontel’s feature-packed solutions, you will be more in touch with your customers and colleagues. Contact us now…

SIP Trunking

Does your organisation still use multiple phone lines? Maximise the value in your PBX, by using SIP Trunking. SIP Trunking can not only save you money by simplifying operations, but can also help you communicate over IP with anyone in Australia or overseas. Learn more…

Cloud PBX

Everything now lives in the “cloud”! A Cloud PBX set-up more than matches a traditional PBX one, by using modern cloud technology. Let Beyontel help you harness this true potential, through one of our customised cloud PBX solutions. Use the cloud…

Voice and Video Conferencing

Don’t let distance or time be an issue anymore. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere and at anytime, using Beyontel’s range of Video/Voice Solutions. Our Voice and Video Conferencing is supported by a dedicated, 24X7 support team. Read more…
5 Reasons to choose BeyonTel

3CX Announces Partnership with Australian VoIP Provider- BeyonTel

LONDON, UK and MELBOURNE, Australian [DATE] 2014 – 3CX, developer of the award-winning Windows VoIP PBX 3CX Phone System, announces that the interoperability testing with the Australian VoIP Service Provider, BeyonTel, has proven successful, allowing 3CX customers to use BeyonTel as a VoIP Provider. The success of the interoperability testing guarantees full operation of all 3CX Phone System’s features enabling 3CX customers to make cost-effective calls. With the technical support provided by both 3CX and BeyonTel as well as regular testing of the configuration templates, customers can be assured of good and reliable call quality. Setting up BeyonTel as the VoIP Provider of choice is very easy, meaning that IT Administrators can complete the process in minutes with a few clicks of the mouse. 3CX Phone System customers can select BeyonTel SIP trunking service from within the VoIP Providers’ node of the 3CX Management Console, which will automatically configure their inbound and outbound rules to make and receive calls. Visit us at: