Hosted PBX

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosed PBX is a sophisticated, high definition voice and video platform with all the functionality of a traditional phone system, with a host of additional features such as mobile phone integration, unified messaging, desktop integration, video calls integrated into it.

How is it different to a standard PBX?

In a standard PBX setup, your phone provider made connections amongst internal telephones in the business, in addition to the connection to PSTN via trunk lines. Hosted PBX takes away all physical connections and instead delivers the PBX functionality as a service over the internet.

BeyonTel’s Hosted PBX is an extremely sophisticated, high definition voice and video platform with all the functionality of a traditional phone system, plus an array of additional features, minus all the hassle of having expensive equipment at business work sites.


How does it work?

It’s very easy. All you need is IP enabled handsets (which BeyonTel can provide), a router/switch and a good broadband connection. The Hosted PBX offering is located in BeyonTel’s secure data facility supported by a 24/7 monitoring service. All the software maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting is efficiently carried out by BeyonTel PBX specialists. It leaves you more time to focus on your business.

Key Features

Some of Hosted PBX’s key features:

Mobile Phone integration – Allows a mobile phone to act like a corporate phone extension with seamless passing of calls between networks, without hanging up.
Unified Messaging – Integrated voicemail, fax to email and voice to email services.
Desktop Integration – Allows users to make and accept calls and change phone settings in Microsoft Outlook and browsers.
Advanced Reception Functions – Provides reception staff with a PC application to manage call routing.
Video Calls – Make video calls like you would call a normal phone call.

How does it benefit my business?

BeyonTel’s Cloud PBX is the ideal solution for small-to-medium enterprises, because it offers the following benefits:

Low cost of ownership

Businesses experience low costs when communications is delivered via a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, because the service provider is not tied to specific vendor devices. Using the integrated model, businesses are able to control costs through powerful policy enforcement and least cost routing capabilities.


Employees have instant access to any number of collaborative tools and in any location. This in turn will dramatically increases their productivity and lowers support costs. Mobile phone integration, unified messaging, desktop integration, video calls all come standard.

Peace of mind through disaster recovery mechanisms

You can protect your business critical data and communication from natural disasters because Hosted PBX is essentially delivered with built-in, fully customisable business continuity. Additionally, you can keep your peace of mind knowing that our business setup can help you control costs associated with future-proofing and upgrading your solution.


The best part about a Hosted PBX solution is that you can customize it to suit your business needs at any point of time. Our Hosted PBX solution supports any IP device, PBX/mobile, and we can integrate your communications solution with your preferred business applications, be it Microsoft, IBM, Google, CRM or anything else you use.

Like to know more?

Contact a BeyonTel representative on 1300 769 640 to walk you through. We will arrange a free demonstration of the powerful benefits of Hosted PBX.