Need for video communication

These days, you can have employees located in various locations. Add to this, an increasing number of workers now have work from home arrangements with the business. What do you do when you need to involve all these employees to collaborate and decide on an important offering for the client? Sure, you could get all of them to dial in and have a voice conference, but wouldn’t it be more effective if you could get them to chat face-to-face, as if they are all in the same meeting room?

BeyonTel’s Video Solution adds another layer to your Digital Business, by allowing you to harness the power of video conferencing. You can call from your computer, phone, mobile or any other device/technology integrated in your Digital Business setup.

Benefits of video communication

  • High quality video quality streaming
  • Increased productivity – have virtual meetings across multiple locations, cutting down travel costs
  • Efficient collaboration between geographically isolated employees
  • Strong relationships between remote employees
  • No call charges for video calling online and conferencing within your network

How does Video Conferencing work?

When we set up your Digital Business, ask us to integrate in video conferencing capability in your system. Depending on the type of device, we will install the relevant software which will allow you to make and join in video conferences seamlessly.

Our suite of Video Solution allows you to combine a range of technologies such as:

  • Video calls to anyone in the organisation with:
    • Video conferencing
    • Video handset
  • Conferencing with external parties using conference bridge (SIP/H.323)
  • Conference participation over the internet

Beyontel’s Network Overview

Beyontel’s Network Overview

Video Solutions Plans and Pricing

For additional information regarding video conferencing solutions and products, or to speak to a representative, talk to BeyonTel at 1300 769 640, or click here to have a BeyonTel Video specialist contact you.