Beyontel next-generation messaging goes beyond classic voice mail to take full advantage of a converged IP environment, providing users with the flexibility to use and manage their mes¬saging service from anywhere, and over any interface. Beyontel messaging provides all of the features of a traditional voice messaging solution, plus:

  • Fax and video messaging
  • Message delivery to any specified e-mail account
  • Message waiting notification delivered to the phone and to any specified mail or SMS account such as a cell phone
  • Integration of messaging capabilities with Beyontel servic¬es such as Call Back, Transfer, CommPilot Express, Escape to extension, Voice portal, and Instant voicemail
  • Integration of hybrid messaging systems within an enterprise
  • User and administrator self-provisioning and configuration through a Web interface

Product Data Sheet

  • Users can listen to the audio portion of video messages via a phone.
  • Users can record and select multiple greetings for differ¬ent needs: such as when lines are busy, don’t answer, or are made unavailable through CommPilot Express or Do Not Disturb features.
  • Users can elect to have their messages delivered to their own private e-mail account, instead of, or in addition to, a default server.
  • Incoming message notifications can be sent to a se¬lected e-mail address or cell phone.
  • Users can set up configurable escape phone numbers, such as assistant, pager, or cell phone, where callers are directed when dialing 0 during the greeting.

Key Features

Call Processing

  • Voice, fax, and video messaging
  • Redirect on busy, no-answer, specific callers, or time of day
  • Direct transfer to voice mail


  • E-mail Server (SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Microsoft Exchange Server)
  • System-provided, Customer-provided, or User provided

System/Group Configuration

  • Email server
  • Maximum message size
  • Messaging

User Configuration

  • Email server
  • Greetings
  • Record Audio/Video greetings
  • Record personalized name
  • Escape number
  • Number of rings
  • Email notifications
  • MWI