In addition to HD Digital and Residential solutions, BeyonTel can also assist with setting up local and long distance voice services, using the power of Cloud PBX.

Local voice services

Depending on the nature of your business requirements, BeyonTel can work with you to provide one or more of these local voice services:

Local HD Digital Voice

At BeyonTel, we firmly believe that no one should have to pay for old, redundant technology and invest in expensive telephony equipment unless there is no alternative.

We can replace your standard local voice with a Local HD Digital Voice solution, which provides you a local number in your calling area. This also comes with our Cloud PBX service to deliver highest reliability, quality and powerful features.

National Local HD Digital Voice

In this age of telecommuting, a lot of organisations regularly need to connect offices and employees remotely. BeyonTel can setup a National Local HD Digital voice solution which allows you to have a local number nationally so that you connect with your clients and customers centrally, avoiding any confusions.

Long Distance voice services

For a small fee, BeyonTel can provide you interstate, long distance and international calls on a single bill, simplifying your billing. As Cloud PBX is controlled and managed via a web interface, you can constantly upgrade these services as required.

With Hosted PBX, we can also provide:

  • 100, 50, 25 and Single Number Ranges
  • 13/1300/1800 Answering Points

More about local and long distance calling

Contact BeyonTel on 1300 769 640 and we will gladly assist you controlling the local and long distance voice services.