What is a digital residence?

A digital residence is BeyonTel’s vision of using the power of the Internet to make voice and video calls for lesser costs. Use one of BeyonTel’s HD Digital Residence plans to minimise your costs.

Are costs keeping you from calling friends and family?

Is it getting too expensive to call friends and family overseas? Are the international calling cards ripping you off? Is the voice quality passable? Gone are the days when sophisticated digital setups could be afforded by businesses only. These days, you can have a digital residence and save heaps of money on your monthly phone bills. Make as many calls locally, internationally or over long distances for fraction of the cost of using traditional phone setups.

How does it work? Are there any quality issues?

It’s simple. We provide you with a setup where you can use your Internet to make voice and video calls. Once set up, you can use your existing equipment (or upgrade to a new high quality one) to make calls.

We guarantee you that with our superior infrastructure and setup, you will never have to hang the phone wondering what your overseas relative was trying to tell you. Our voice and video calls will be high definition and of a first-class quality.

What does it involve?

Setting up a HD Digital Residence is as simple as 1,2.3. Talk to a BeyonTel customer representative today and make large phone bills a part of history!

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