5 Reasons to Choose BeyonTel

  1. We have been around for some time

    Although BeyonTel is only our new offering, we have been providing sophisticated hardware and technology to businesses since 2005. We are a leading provider of IP Telephony and SSL Certificates, providing hardware, software and network services in Australia. Our clients include residences, mobile spaces, small-to-medium business users and service providers. Be assured that we know what we are doing, and successfully at that!

  2. We keep it simple

    You may work with other hosted PBX providers, but with us, you are assured of a straight-forward approach to setting up your business with the right technology. We keep it simple and can integrate everything seamlessly for you, so that you can focus on running your business.

  3. You can rely on us for a top notch service

    We have been providing this technology to residences, businesses and other service providers for the last 9 years. We have strong partnerships and provide a top notch, start to end service for your unique needs. We only use the highest quality equipment and manage everything at our end, so that it leaves you to focus on improving your business.

  4. We make no compromises in our technology

    We are always upgrading our network to the latest version, and this in turn, results in you having access to the latest software to manage your business. We are market leaders in desktop, mobile, call centre and video solutions. Our class platform provides you with the most advanced features and benefits available, to keep running your business smoothly.

  5. We provide value for money

    At BeyonTel, we realise your money’s worth and always strive to provide you bang for your buck. We provide value by delivering the most cost effective solution for your business needs and manage the workflow communication needs end to end. We have been providing safe, secure and cost effective hardware and technology for business users for years, so we know what works for each setup.