Top 10 Featuress

  1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

    Communication features for the company. It would help us get on equal footing with some of our larger competitors. But it’s always a budget buster bringing in the latest technologies.

  2. Minimal IT Support Required

    Unlike complex traditional phone systems which sit in a closet, a Hosted PBX requires very little IT support or training to administer. You can quickly add users, delete users, enable additional features, all without additional support or staff. The reason? A simple web interface.

  3. Minimal Operating Expense

    The last thing you want to do in this economy, or any uncertain economic climate for that matter, is spend tens of thousands of dollars on a phone system.

  4. Business Continuity

    Let’s assume some worst case scenarios: Your building is flooded, and wreaks havoc. Or a fire knocks out power for kilometers around. Now, let’s assume you have Hosted PBX with Unified Communications. Want to know how things would be? Business would go on uninterrupted.

  5. Scale Up/Scale Down

    Five year projections? Ten year projections? Frankly, for most businesses, it has become nearly impossible to make accurate predictions. It’s why you need a highly-fl exible technology like Hosted PBX with Unifi ed Communications.

  6. More Functionality

    Even if you’re jaded about technology, once you see all of the advanced features and functionality that are available from a Hosted PBX with Unifi ed Communications system, you’ll be seriously impressed by the impact it can have on your business. And the best part is you can activate only those features that you need to make your company more productive.

  7. Automatic Upgrades

    With Hosted PBX with Unifi ed Communications, there’s no box on your premises, so there’s no hardware to upgrade in order to take advantage of new features and technologies. Because your service is outsourced, upgrades are provided through software changes that happen automatically in the background.

  8. Productivity Anywhere

    It’s hard to advance your business if it’s tethered to convention. And there’s no ball and chain quite like a desk phone. Hosted PBX with Unifi ed Communications is the ideal solution for existing and emerging workforces who demand constant connectivity and productivity from anywhere and at anytime.

  9. Video On

    Video conferencing is the perfect solution for moving business forward while cutting back on costs. Facial expressions, gestures, eye contact – they all make communications far more personal and ultimately, more productive.

  10. Focus On What Matters

    One of the best ways to stay competitive is to focus on your core business. With a Hosted PBX with Unified Communications solution, the management of increasingly complex business communications is done for you off-site. It all happens in the background while your employees utilize advanced features and productivity tools like voice, video, and wireless to take up new goals and take down obstacles that stand in their way.